Necklace extension


Color: chrysoprase
Delivery by courier Paris intramural
Free delivery in France from 200€

Easily add length to your necklace with this handy extender. No more worrying about sizes, this extension offers you a simple and elegant solution.

Extension for collar




Freshwater pearls


Gold clasp 14K gold filled


Freshwater pearls
Nylon cord
14K gold-filled gold clasp

The jewelry pictured above is an example of the necklace you will receive, each piece being unique, color variations and gradients may vary from one necklace to another.

Each piece is handmade, with the greatest respect for jewelry tradition.

We have selected precious and semi-precious stones and delicately attached them to a nylon and silk cord which guarantees great resistance.

Variations in color, size, transparency, inclusions and stains are all small imperfections that make our necklaces authentic and naturally beautiful.


Be careful not to pull on your jewelry as this could loosen it.

Jewelry is fragile, treat it with the greatest care and it will accompany you throughout your life.

It is recommended to avoid contact with household products, cosmetics,
the sea or the swimming pool and remove your jewelry to sleep or play sports.