Our history

The origin

“Born from inspiration between Los Angeles and Paris, Ivarene is the story of my passion, inherited from a family tradition in jewelry. Raised on the art of precious stones and ancient stories, it was under the Californian sun that my dream took shape. Driven by the desire to break the conventions of fine jewelry, I opted for a more free and accessible approach, reviving a forgotten technique to create jewelry that celebrates everyday life.

Ivarene symbolizes this quest for freedom, offering vibrant jewelry for every day, designed for those who, like me, seek to wear the exceptional with spontaneity and daring. Join us in this joyful celebration of every moment, with creations that tell your story.”

The Creations

Ivarene is passionate about creating jewelry that tells a story, pieces full of joy and magic. Each piece is the result of a meticulous and passionate process, where nature's treasures are carefully selected and transformed into refined jewelry. Our artisans, true magicians of detail, skillfully combine traditional techniques and exceptional materials.

The magic of Nature for inspiration

Ivarene is committed to showering you with irresistible and colorful gemstones in the easiest and most casual way possible.

Jewelry is no longer an artifice reserved for special occasions, Ivarene makes it a philosophy for every day of our lives.

Each piece of jewelry tells a story, capturing the magical beauty of nature in a timeless form that can be cherished and passed down from generation to generation.


Our jewelry is the result of exceptional know-how, each piece being made by hand, with stones carefully cut in India and assembled in our Parisian workshop.


We allow exchanges or returns within 14 days of receipt, and offer a 6-month warranty on all of our jewelry.
Our jewelry