Exclusive 'Turquoise' necklace


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This necklace made of small oval turquoise nuggets is perfect for summer! With its silky nylon cord and 14k gold filled clasp. With a length of 50 cm, it falls elegantly on your neck. A must-have for a sunny vacation!

  • Materials: Turquoise, silky nylon, 14k gold filled
  • Length: 50cm
  • Clasp: 'Infinity' 14k gold filled

Nylon cord
14K gold-filled gold clasp


Be careful not to pull on your jewelry as this could loosen it.

Jewelry is fragile, treat it with the greatest care and it will accompany you throughout your life.

It is recommended to avoid contact with household products, cosmetics,
the sea or the swimming pool and remove your jewelry to sleep or play sports.


Turquoise, a precious stone prized for millennia, is recognized for its soothing and protective properties. It is often associated with serenity, helping to calm the mind and bring inner peace. Considered a stone of purification, turquoise balances energies and eliminates emotional blockages, promoting harmony and well-being.