'Cheremoya' necklace


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This necklace is designed with finely cut rhodochrosites, whose delicate pink hues symbolize love and compassion. Each stone, in the shape of a smooth drop, is carefully arranged to create a harmonious pattern. Rhodochrosite is known for its calming and protective properties, strengthening self-esteem and emotional balance.

The stones are mounted on a silky nylon cord, offering a copper hue that beautifully complements the pink undertones of rhodochrosite. The necklace closes with a 14K gold filled clasp, adding a touch of durable and secure sophistication.

  • Stone : Rhodochrosite ~49 carats
  • Length : 44 cm
  • Cord : Silky nylon, copper colored.
  • Clasp : 'Infinity' Gold 14K gold filled.


Nylon cord
14K gold-filled gold clasp


Be careful not to pull on your jewelry as this could loosen it.

Jewelry is fragile, treat it with the greatest care and it will accompany you throughout your life.

It is recommended to avoid contact with household products, cosmetics,
the sea or the swimming pool and remove your jewelry to sleep or play sports.


Rhodochrosite, with its delicate pink hues, is known for its powerful emotional and spiritual properties. It is often called the "stone of love and compassion" because of its ability to heal emotional wounds and promote self-love. By wearing this stone, you may experience relief from stress and anxiety, as well as an improvement in your overall mood. Rhodochrosite also helps balance emotional energies, encouraging positivity and joy. Additionally, it is known to stimulate creativity and intuition, making it an ideal companion for those looking to strengthen their inner connection.