Exclusive “Pink Sapphires Rondelle” Necklace


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Emblematic assembly of the Ivarene house, the stones delicately follow one another on a silky cord, held and separated by three knots, the necklace closes with our 14k gold filled gold clasp.
Pink sapphires
washers from 2.5 x 3.5 mm to 5.5 x 4 mm
~ 45 carats
14K Gold-filled 'Infinity' Clasp
Availability: 1 copy


Australian chrysoprase
Nylon cord
14K gold-filled gold clasp

The necklace pictured above is an example of the necklace you will receive, each piece being unique, color variations and gradients may vary from one necklace to another.

Each piece is handmade, with the greatest respect for jewelry tradition.

We have selected precious and semi-precious stones and delicately attached them to a nylon and silk cord which guarantees great resistance.

Variations in color, size, transparency, inclusions and stains are all small imperfections that make our necklaces authentic and naturally beautiful.


Be careful not to pull on your jewelry as this could loosen it.

Jewelry is fragile, treat it with the greatest care and it will accompany you throughout your life.

It is recommended to avoid contact with household products, cosmetics,
the sea or the swimming pool and remove your jewelry to sleep or play sports.


Pink sapphires, rare and magnificent gems, possess virtues that go far beyond their enchanting shine. These gemstones, often associated with love and compassion, carry within them a gentle, calming energy that resonates with the heart and soul.

On an emotional level, pink sapphires are known for their ability to open the heart and encourage unconditional love. Their gentle vibration provides comfort and support in times of pain and sorrow, helping to heal emotional wounds and restore self-confidence. They inspire tenderness and kindness, promoting harmonious and nourishing relationships.

Pink sapphires are also associated with creativity and artistic expression. Their uplifting energy encourages imagination and inspiration, allowing wearers to channel their creativity fluidly and authentically. They are valuable companions for artists, writers and anyone seeking to bring their deepest dreams to life.

In terms of spirituality, pink sapphires are considered emotional and spiritual healing stones. Their gentle yet powerful energy helps balance emotions, release energetic blockages, and elevate consciousness to higher levels of understanding and compassion. They promote spiritual growth and connection with the divine, providing valuable support in the journey to enlightenment.

In short, pink sapphires are much more than just gemstones. Their incomparable beauty and spiritual virtues make them valuable allies in the quest for love, creativity and healing. Whether as personal talismans or dazzling centerpieces, pink sapphires continue to inspire and amaze those who are privileged to own them.